Wood workshop induction with Justin

I booked on to join first year fine artists on their wood workshop induction. And quite conveniently, none of them turned up! So it was just me and Justin.

Which was great. He showed me all the equipment, how to use it and together we made a handheld storage unit thing for tools. Starting with the Bansaw.

And all of these things. Cant remember the name.

Although I mentioned the wooden letters in the previous post. I of course made these after the workshop induction session.

He also showed me how to use the power tools.

And this is my thing (almost) built.


Here’s an insight into the letter making process…

Here I am. Gluing all the wooden pieces together.

And here they are, as a couple. I applied loads of this wood filler, to make sure there were no gaps on the individual pieces. Job nearly done. Just haven’t got around to painting them yet. I don’t want to rush it. I’ll have them ready for the Summer degree show, thats for sure!