Developing Module Visiting Speaker

Francisco Sousa Lobo visited us to give a talk and a workshop later in the afternoon.

The man himself

I made some notes and wrote down a bunch of things he said that I liked.

“Drawing is a stick that guides you into opening up new worlds”

I’m paraphrasing a bit there, but I thought it holds a great sentiment and suggests a deep motive.

“A narrative is like a thread and you can hang anything you want from it”

He showed us bits from his work also. Which was cool, as I’d never read or seen comics that held such powerful political or religious voices. I particularly liked his book ‘Nuvem’ and ‘Deserto’ which wsa two sided and featured a really cool bind and fold technique.

Francisco explained that he made one side but his publisher said it was too short so after a year break, he continued it but ended up with two separate sides.

After his lecture, we shared our own work with Francisco and the other students.

At the end we all had a go at creating our own little comic strips (above), which was HUGE fun. Reading everyones crazy interpretations of a comic strip was so cool and I think when you read them, you learn a little bit about that person. Mine is the top-left.