Vectorised 3-Dimensional Type Practice

I’ve now vectorised the entirety of the 3-Dimensional version of the typeface. Their is a 3D version and a 2D version of the design.

Firstly, layer 1:

I’m pretty stoked on all the shapes. I love the 2D version too. It will act as such an obscure and almost confusing stand alone font face. It’s funny when you look at them 2D and think that the morphing of the shapes isn’t just form, its also function. To function as the key parts of a cube.

Next, Layer 2:

It’s interesting to see that this time the letter shapes have actually held their ground a bit more. I guess that might be because there are more of them…

Lastly, layer 3:

Boom. C’est fini. That ‘T’ is unreal.

As a collection of letters, the two types appear as follows…

And the more erratically arranged 3D letters.

They look like an army. It’s actually a little bit intimidating. Super cool to see them all stood together though. Still again, so weird that this makes a cube. How the hell would you work this out from this position?

And double lastly, slash finally. A vectorised mock-up of the cube itself:

From four different angles. Honestly it’s a little bit of a mess in my head at the moment. I think it could work and most of the problems are solved. I just got a few things left to do…

It’s also worth mentioning that the aforementioned ‘Layer 2’ above is actually the top layer, ‘Layer 3’ of the cube.

Things to do next:

• Link all the layers together so they don’t slide around on top of each other.

• Design each of them inside 3D software. I’ll need to learn how to use this first.

• I’m also keen to produce the letters in font production software, like Glyphs or FontLab so that they are actually physically useable.

• Decide on potential colours and names. At this point, I really do have no idea.

• I also want to 3D print them or create them out of wood or something.

• In the mean time I’m also really keen to animate them and also test them out in a commercial setting. Maybe used as a logo or as potential television identity.

• They also need colour!

Over and out. More work coming soon.