Rhino 6 Consultation

The down low:

All the Rhino 6 tuts I watched were bollocks, so I booked a consultation with James and it was JUST WHAT I NEEDED, OH MY GOD. All the tutorials I watched were either a much too general and basic overview of the interface; never actually going into any detail of the good bits. OR they were way too product designer focused, with wild mobile phone designs etc. But what they have helped is my understanding of the software, so when I did chat with James, I fully understood what he was saying. I took some snaps of the key features I need to use.

To get started, I showed him my progress with SketchUp and Rhino 6.

Im just going to show the images with the name of the feature. Just as a reminder of what to do if I forget.

Extrusion tool

Boolean union tool (note that the boolean difference tool does the opposite)

Boolean split

The copy tool

The copy tool in motion

The ruler tool

And finally, there is a help window that offers guidance if needs be. This consultation was fucking epic and I’m now PUMPED to crack on and create the letters and then print them!


More notes/support:

I’ve booked a 3D printing file test session on:

Wednesday 13th November at 1130hrs

During this, I’ll have my file(s) checked for print and hopefully be able to print some stuff.

I’ve also got another hour slot booked on:

Thursday 14th November at 1500hrs

Fingers crossed I can get it all done in that time. Probably wont because when has a project ever been completed on time. Oh well.

I did make some notes on extra support though.

Reminders to:

  • Have each of the letters inside separate files.

  • And to think about what printer to use (the TAZ seems most appropriate – AND its biodegradable).

All good stuff. Let’s go.