Preliminary Research

Notes from various bits of visual research:

I’ve picked up a few images of things that I thought looked quite interesting. They’re quite random but caught my eye…

Such as this fruit cube on the front of a Waitrose magazine. Pretty cool. And so is the secondary photo of it being deconstructed. I guess it’s a strong example of a concept being placed into a commercial context.

[Bottom-right] is a very nice wooden sculpture. Could the Type Cube be wooden.

I also never knew this part of a ligature was called a ‘Gadzook’.

These two images from my opening presentation too…

These balls all taken from a vending machine in a pub. The back one is whats called a Rubiks Snake. I only really wanted the sphere but because they came out at random, I spent about £4.00 trying to get it. (£1.00 for each one).

I took apart the sphere shape first (I needed YouTube tutorials to help me put it back together), but what I learnt was that inside the shape was not actually fully filled. I thought this was surprising and surely made it easier to develop.

Something I thought amusing was that the pink shape [right-image] of the sphere is actually an ‘A’ by accident.

Another think that peaked my interest was that there was only piece (this time referring to the cuboid kind of shape) that you were able to pull out to start the puzzle. It was surprising difficult to break down. This, I think could potentially form another barrier in my own design…



I’ve been recommended a bunch of books to dig through to help support the ‘narrowing down’ of my research question.

Currently it’s been revised to…

“Experiment with methods of type design practice that engage two or more senses”

The addition of the word ‘design’ is intended to make it a little clearer to someone outside of the design world.

Summer Reading:

Before I go into more readings I wanted to make note of a book I read over the summer. Called ‘OH SH*T WHAT NOW’ by Craig Oldham. I found it hugely insightful and made some notes of the pages that stood out for me:


• On, I think page 22 (towards the very start of the book), Oldham talks about education…

“Many fail to realise that this period is also an opportunity for experimentation, for trying things and making mistakes in your work. You should never underestimate the value of this because it builds up knowledge that can then be applied. And there’s no formula for that, there’s right or wrong answer”

He also explains that…

“You have to gain skills and knowledge through trial and error because this is what sets you apart from the standard. It will give you a new way of thinking and doing.”


• On the left page, I’ve highlighted a few noteworthy things about placements. In short, the experience they offer is very valuable and they all have their “bread and butter” projects, whilst the deadlines are tight and to do well on them. Make cups of tea and chat to people.

• A few more things, research and be interested in everything and people! And be enthusiastic!

• Throw yourself into everything and be curious. Be brave and graft. These things are rarer than talent.

It was a hugely inspiring (and motivating) read.