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itv Ident Competition Part.2

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

This post is a sequel to the OG submission way back in like March or something: it's worth having a flick through that to give you a clearer idea of the pieces journey.

This is the original piece used as part of the comp submission. Please note: colours have been altered

The Mock-up Development:

A short while after submission, I found out that I actually won the competition, which was cool, exciting but also a little scary.

Because whilst I had developed a pretty clear idea of what the piece would look like, I struggled to comprehend exactly how I would make. Even though it's relatively simple in its construction, it was the sheer number of cubes -

"roughly, 948 in total".

I started the project (with a couple months (or a bit less) until the shoot date: 23rd May)) by recreating my piece but this time in Cinema 4d. This was to get a better idea of what it looked like.

Above, you can see four different angles of the 3D mock-up. What was useful from creating this was firstly, seeing it from any angle but also learning that from a front on angle, some colours would appear from the sides of the cubes. I hadn't given this a thought. I was also able to calculate how many different colours were needed of each cube.

I also grabbed a birds eye view of the piece...

The top-view of the piece

The Building Process:

Now, with more detailed visuals of the work. I set out on the journey of actually creating the thing. This started with reaching out a variety of different technicians and tutors within the UWE Bristol teaching group.

After soaking up all the help I could, I sourced everything I needed to create the work. The wood I bought for the piece was Canadian Pine from a local wood shop. The strips used (pre cube-ificiation) were actually left over cut offs too, which helped the push for sustainability.

The cubes. Bagged up.

Once collected. I cleaned every cube with methylated spirit and then hoovered each of them, get rid of any dirt that might affect the quality of the paint job (seen below).

After this, I organised them by which colour they would be spray painted.

Took it outside and started with the white ones. I sprayed these with one thick layer.

And after two layers of a white primer on every single coloured cube, I then began to spray paint these as well. Needless to say, this took a long time.

Now, I don't have any photographs of the rest of building progress, as I was just so heavily invested in the work. But whilst I coloured them all, I placed masking tape over the front of the ones with different colours on and painted these a different colour by had afterwards.

Please zip over to the next post, which takes you through the final piece in construction and the day in the studio!



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