Physical Type Practice

After reaching a point where I’d developed the 3d letters to a good point, I decided to test the form out physically. I was curious to test the scale and to see how successfully one of the letters might boast the abstract form initially, but then celebrate the quirky letter shape from the front on angle. The aesthetic I’ve been striving for…

First attempt:

I kicked things off by attempting to create the letter ‘A’ using a pretty standard folding technique. Due to the crazy shape of the letter, it proved incredibly difficult to fold into shape…

Here are more angles of the attempted paper letter form. In which you can see the lower extended rectangular shape of the A protruding out, but it was difficult to really build on this.

Second attempt:

My second attempt was much more successful. Though it must be said, still a little raw.

To show it from its prime angle, it’s quite nicely rotated to appear as a (still somewhat strange) ‘H’.

And in video form…

Below are some scans of the sketches created to get the practice point.