Website + Portfolio

The Web Version:

Over the summer I created my own website (on Wix), I started by using one of the templates they supply. But I got a little bored of this structured layout, so I added a bar across the top which was a long line of ‘A’s. The idea was that each one would take you to a random page.

Eventually the ‘A’s populated the entire screen. So the website then became a piece of my own work. The home page prompts the user to ‘TAP ANYTHING IN PINK’. How much notice they take of this depends on how successful their journey is. They might also notice the ‘ET’ button which takes them home on any page it appears.

I’ve attached some screenshots of the web UI…

The landing page

Pressing the ‘WORK’ option on the previous page

This time the ‘PROJECTS’ option

And finally the ‘TYPE CUBE’ option takes you here

Scrolling to the bottom

Pressing the ‘AALVK’ option takes you back a page

And lastly the ‘ET’ option on the previous page takes you [as mentioned] all the way home

So, that’s the web version. Follow the link below to check it oot fo’ real…


The Mobile Version:

The mobile version is similar but is actually much more interactive. Although I designed the web version first I made sure the optimum functionally of the site favoured the mobile version. I’ve attached a video recording from my phone to show more clearly what I mean. There a few fun easter eggs in there, including my favourite feature, the ‘LUCKY DIP’.

Again, visit the link below to experience it for yourself.


The Conclusion:


  • Of course, I am fully aware that this site exists as an experiment. Really. It’s difficult to read long parts of text so I’ve had to make certain areas of it very surface level. But that’s the blog exists. For those (if any) that want to dig a bit deeper.

  • It’s also rather difficult to look at. I can’t imagine the mess the screen must be in if one is visually impaired. But regardless, I wanted to create a website that used only letters in its early pages. I don’t know why, but a solid wall of text seemed fascinating and something Ionged for.

  • Their are a couple more logistical problems that come with this site. One is the domain name ‘aalvkdotcom.com’ which is kind of funny but means that my website will not land that high up on Google. Small price to pay in my eyes.

  • The second is that the first bunch of pages are essentially all one word, so this means certain key words that might aid my SEO are absolutely irrelevant.

A couple of good things:

  • Either, I think where it works (the ET and the LUCKY DIP), it does its job of supplying a momentary second of joy or a satisfying giggle. I should also mention that it loads really quickly.


My Portfolio:

I also created a Portfolio which followed a similar theme. Again, a screen full of ‘A’s. With this work I tried to address a few problems I had with portfolios in general. They were:

  • The 20 page convention thing that seems to be a trend

  • The lack of motion images in a portfolio

  • Ultimately, portfolio designs being all too similar

My solution to this, was a 1,884 page portfolio. It exists as an experimental stop motion piece…

My Conclusion:

What works:

  • It’s cool. And different.

  • The moving images are satisfying and really do offer a lot more than a static shot of my work.

What doesn’t:

  • Finger starts to ache a bit whilst using (potentially goes on for too long).

  • Quite a large file Even compressed, it’s still 20mb.

  • The level of detail given about each piece is minimal.



I sought some careers advice and a second opinion on my portfolio.

The advice was as such (in the context of finding work):

  • Could my portfolio be a video (to save people clicking)

  • With a short, sped up version?

  • Have I thought about meeting up with people who do similar work (maybe search on Google for these people). Email the Watershed or Letterpress Collective for exp.

  • Try and find some networking events in and around the university for help meeting the right kinds of people

  • UWE Internship program? Though this doesn’t run in January.

Immediately after our chat I found a pretty cool experimental design studio based in Bristol:


Hugely inspiring portfolio, so I’m thinking of a way to get in touch with them and see what’s what.

I also came across these Creative Job support sessions in the Library so I’ve made note of these so I can attend a few…

The work must prevail!