Evaluation of ideas

This point felt like a good time to analyse what I’ve done so far. I believe this will then help me decide which route to take for the development on my final piece:

1. Firstly, a few ideas that I’ve decided not to go through with.

The one on the left is a simplified Type Cube and below that, a Number Sphere. The simplified Type Cube seemed kind of pointless and as much as I’d love to do the number sphere, I just don’t have the technical skill right now (given the time deadline).

To the right is the Pool Noodle Typeface. I just never got around to this. I’ll try it one day though.

Another set of un-used ideas were these. Left, is a 3d cardboard typeface that I never got round to.

Middle, is an idea for a huge slide inspired by another one I saw that looked just like an ‘S’. The project would have just been too big. Though the image on the left was inspired by a bike rack that looked like a ‘B’. I could still produce another set of letters to spell a word as an installation piece (that would actually be quite fun).

These four (two-left) were thoughts of a Type Playground and the (two-right) were thoughts of a Climbing Type Wall. Both something I’ll keep in mind for the future.


Now, for some ideas that I could go forward with.

2. The letter box

This progressed from some play-doh type to laser cut letters to imaging a fun little box with letters in. Could be fun.

3. The Connect More Typeface

This started as as typeface made with a Connect Four game.

Then I worked out some 2d variations, and (tomorrow) I’m planning on re-creating one of these letters as a 3d piece. Im curious to explore this idea more; maybe working out a final piece that explores transformation of type.

4. The Type Cube

I worked on the Type Cube last semester and have continued to do tests, which have been exciting. Next I’m planning to take the Type Cube work onto the computer and created some web/interactive/3d-printed work.


Finally, some plans for the (near) future:

  • Firstly, have a quick play with some metal type using the Connect More typeface. (This never happened, but maybe one day in the future it will).

  • Secondly, rework the Type Cube so each layer is stackable.