itv Ident Competition

Invited to submit work for the South-West itv ident Competition, I found myself extremely stoked to develop my practice further and in a way that was potentially much more commercial! This blog post documents in detail the journey I went on throughout this brief.

Using the sketches I developed for this type work, I re-created the itv logo. Simply, using the initial designs and tweaking them a bit to fit with the style of the broadcasters logotype. This meant adding and subtracting some of squares.

The itv logotype

My sketches

Above shows the original itv logo and below that, the sketches of my version, which uses the aforementioned letters I designed. It took a few attempts but in the end I went with the middle-right sketch as the final piece.

Front on. First, grayscale and then with added colour. Below, I began to imagine how this logo could be used as part of a 3-dimensional piece.

The above pictures were part of an early idea where I wanted to use the ‘itv’ logo at the centre of of larger box shape of letters which came together to create one huge jumble of words. All of these words, and some sentences telling a story of what connects me to itv. The extended cube (or rectangle) was used because I thought it best emulates the shape of a TV.

This idea was soon adapted, as I thought the tight time constraints and for overall impact, it would be more intriguing to use the logo as a stand alone piece. On the left of the image, you can see the blocks which I started designing to surround logo.

This then progressed into side, top and front view sketches. Where I began to imagine the logo surrounded by other little cubes, to make it seem as though its a sea of shapes all placed to create this larger image.

A draft of the type piece

Those sketches then became this. An accumulation of cubes, which from the prime TV viewing angle are seen to make up the ‘itv’ logotype.

It was difficult to keep removing and replacing cubes in illustrator, so I started again and this time with the logo as the foundation. I then moved on to adding the appropriately coloured cubes in front of the logo.

I liked the look of it but felt like it need to look a bit messier. Then I had the idea of adding a whole host of randomised blocks, all different colours. Whilst doing so, still keeping the colours of the logo on the front of the logo blocks. So that from one angle it appeared a crazy lump of colour and from the ‘prime TV angle’ mentioned earlier, it would reveal the itv logo.

That became this. An accumulation of coloured cubes, that from only one angle appears to make up the itv logotype. The idea is also that the cubes could be anything. Recycling parts of televisions and spray painted, cardboard or maybe wood. As the brief highlighted a necessity for it to be ethically thought about and environmentally friendly.

In my mind I considered the potential panning of the camera, going from this angle shown above and slowly moving down across it to reveal the itv logo front on.

Above, the front, back and top view. The top view of the work shows a half and half split of the coloured backs and whats actually shown underneath.