itv Ident Competition Part.3

For added context, please read the prequel post here: https://www.aalvkdotcom.com/post/itv-ident-competition-continued

The Shoot:

So with the cubes painted and a comprehensive practice run completed. I travelled up to London on May 23rd to shoot the project.

Studio being set up. Middle shows the board being painted and middle right the rotating table on which it would be filmed on

After a photo shoot of me with some of the cubes, and the cubes on their own (bottom-left), I started work on placing the cubes. I began by firstly constructing the centre piece which is the itv logo itself. The plan was, to then build outwards from the front and then the back.

Starting this way actually helped a lot because as you can see from the initial 2d image (below), the height of the ‘i’ and the ‘t’ are exactly the same…

But in the actual itv logo, they are different heights (see below)…

So it was suggested that I moved two cubes onto the top of the ‘i’. These could be taken from the bottom right of the ‘i’, so as to also add to the attaching shape of the original logo’s ‘i’. Very important changes, which I happily embraced.

You can see these differences in this progress shot below.

After five very quick hours, I had finished constructing the piece. At this point, I was able to sit back and enjoy watching the crew photograph and film my work.

I was also pretty stoked to be able to snap a video of the piece from all angles…

The final work shots, photographs and films etc: