Olafur Eliasson, Tate Modern Exhibition

Exhibition visit:

Firstly, the map was cool (good info, but hard to follow).

During a trip to London, I attended the Olafur Eliasson experience (slash exhibition), In Real Life. It was recommended to me by Harriet and she made point of checking out the sculptural sketches and experiments showcased at the very beginning of the show. I loved them, and was in awe at the shear number and variation of materials and different techniques used. It was a truly inspiring arrangement of the geometrical experimentation. I’ve included images of the works below…

Just incredible. Lego to wire to fluffy looking balls back to wire but wire this time more curved forms. The imagination is wonderful and I think the research to spark it must be just as equally commended. I would love to explore geometrical techniques in similar ways to create an inspired body of typography work like this. Keep playing.

Below, a collection of pieces I thought cool. The colour wheel on the top-right is actual made from the pallet of the photographic series to the left. I love this idea of work becoming more work. Its beautifully endless.

The raining window [centre] is funny and I actually wonder if the sprinkler they supplied was even necessary. Im sure it rains enough in London.

Of course this piece was awesome. I love how the colour changed as you entered the room.

I spent way too long here…

Naturally I made a big letter ‘A’.

I cam desperately close to buying these. I’ve added them to a shopping list on Amazon ehe. Inspired by the middle book, what about folded paper into letters, I don’t know. Such beautiful colours.

A hugely awesome experience in conclusion. Extremely practically motivating!