Introduction Module Workshops

Over the course of the module, I attended a wide range of relevant Workshops. Some processes I was familiar with. Some, I was not. But I attended all of them (except the screen printing session) as I had a job interview. Luckily I’ve done a fair amount of screen printing prior to this course.


Lithography workshop:

Above and below are a selection of images from the first Lithography Workshop, which was a completely new process for me. One that although, offered an interesting method and process also took quite a long time! Though saying that, it would allow one to print on a huge variety of surfaces and materials, which is of course; worth bearing in mind!

Camera Induction:

Camera induction Workshop. Learning to use the Canon AX30, which I’m sure will come in handy!

Lino Printing Workshop:

Lino printing workshop. Although I’ve done this before, learning that you can cleanly print out a beautiful gradient was incredible. You can see I made great use of it here (in the top photo) with my glyph which works as both a ‘2′ and a ‘7′.I couldn’t help but spot the letterpress materials I saw in the draws, which is something I can’t wait to get my hands on for the first time!

3-D Design Production Workshop:

Although i didnt manage to get any images of this workshop (it was just too engaging aha), I really felt the need to add it into my Learning Journal. As this laser cutting induction, intertwined with a full 3D printing, sculpting, metal moulding etc. Workshop was INCREDIBLE and has fully motivated me to work with some 3D pieces next term!

Wide-format Printing Workshop:

A really great wide format printing workshop, which included an introduction to printing on Sugar Paper (potential material for my manifesto) and how to print shiny silver ink (maybe in gold for my ‘50 things’ poster) and also the vinyl sticker machine which was rad and the hench guillotine and various book binding bits which im sure will all come in handy!

A students piece of work in which he grew a typeface out of mould was also brilliant and hugely inspiring. As much as I loved it, I think the execution was a little sub-par, though it was mentioned that he chose black glossy paper so that peoples dirty finger prints which be visible on the book at their exhibition, brilliant!