This thread of posts is for collecting and storing all my feedback notes for future reference.

Feedback, 26th February:

My first feedback (or crit/critique) session, which I showed the work I had done up to this point. This consisted of early sketches of my 3d cube style typeface, which I’m currently experimenting with. The feedback I received was as follows:

My rough feedback notes

• My design test into whether or not, might be too specific. I was reminded to remember not to trap myself.

• I was asked “what kind of interaction I want from my interactive type design?”. This will require some further research.

• Could the piece have a message? A message perhaps in the shapes of the letters, or perhaps made up by the combination of the letters?

• My prior research and reading of the book 3D Typography could be made more relevant, if I was to digger deeper and tried to find out the purpose and/or reason why the works were created.

• It was also suggested that I look up the puzzle, called a Tangram. Which is a cool concept with which a square shape, cut at certain angles is re-arranged to create a huge array of different pictograms. Some are seen below.


Feedback 12th March:

At this point I had developed my research question. So this part of the post is a way for me to write down quick notes taken during feedback.

Said question is “Explore methods of type practice which engage two (or more) senses”

• During a chat with Steve, it was suggested that I research the Channel 4 logo as a reference for something that uses an obscure shape as part of a television identity.

• Think about if the piece is a physical object only, or can it exist in a digital form?

• And could its function bring about a more commercial direction?

• What else could the piece be other than a typeface/fontface?

Book suggestions: ‘Transforming Type’ by Barbara Brownie and ‘Graphic Design in Urban Environments’.


Feedback 2nd April:

At this point I had decided to alter my research question to…

“Experiment w/ methods of type practice which engage the viewer in a practical way”

But after a chat with Steve it was agreed that the previous question…

“Explore methods of type practice that engage two or more sense”

Is a much clearer statement of my intent.

Notes from this feedback were as follows:

• Test one of the ligature letter combinations.

• Create ‘design sheets’ to present all my sketches and work so far. To clearly boast my efforts.

• What could I use the letters for? What could they say? What’s the subject?

• Animate them?