Experimental Practice cont.

Continued work process…

Puzzle type:

I wanted to play around with a laser cutter as a method of creating 3d type. So I sketched out an idea for a wooden 3d type jigsaw. The idea for this one uses the fluid typography transformation of construction. As the user builds the letters, they realise what they say is ‘Fuck Off’. Its my attempt at humour. Here are the sketches:

A lot of it depends how thick the wood is a laser can cut through.

Made some errors in production. Still fun though haha!


Quick ideas:

Branching off from the Type Cube but staying slightly closer this time, I sketched out an idea for a less complex cube and also for a number sphere…

The cube could maybe just be four letters. The number sphere on the other hand, I wouldn’t know where to start with designing rounded shapes in this format. Would be epic if they were all floppy like silicon.

I scoured Amazon for potential materials for type creation too…

Found these items. I was most inspired by the potential of the Pool Noodles (second from top) and also the cardboard sheets (at the top) because that reminded me of this ‘A’ shaped box I picked up at work!

I thought of creating a full 3d cardboard alphabet in this style.

Wondered if maybe they could be stacked like a totem pole. Using the letters that I think worked…

Middle pole spelling ‘MATH810’ and the second one spelling ‘KEBAB01’. I have no idea why.

Going back to the Pool Noodles I saw on Amazon [scroll up a bit to see them again, second from top], I found this picture of an M I took a year ago.

I figured that by mimicking this curve and behind/in-front technique, I could create a bunch of letters.

Might pop to the local sports centre to see if they have any spare Pool Noodles.

Imagine if Rugby posts had a couple more letters so people thought they were laughing at them (should have put a little more space between the two “ha”s maybe)…

Same could be done with these A’s I found. A few more ‘AAAAAA’ and some ‘HHH’ to make it seem like someone fallen down the hill “AAAAAHHHH FUCKIN HELL!”

The more photographs of letters that I took, the more inspired I felt to create full faces influenced by their matter. These two, created by shadows, smoke and lights would make for an intriguing alphabet. It would also be quite tricky to do I think?

I spotted this ‘S’ and wondered what a few other letters might look like in slide form. It might be hard to see from the sketch [bottom-right] I produced, but the ‘O’ actually accommodates for some fluidity, with the transformation starting as a couple of slides but then (probably needing to be in the context of a full alphabet), revealing an ‘O’ if the user makes the required journey.

Lastly, this ‘A’ I spotted is a lock for bikes. Why can’t they be other letters?

It could say ‘BIKE’ or ‘HAHA’ or ‘AH SHIT’. Lots of opportunity.


Connect Type:

I booked a studio session to take some higher quality photos of the Connect Four typeface I produced.

Took a few shots to set up the camera correctly…

In the bottom right picture I tested the shade of the chips. The differing colours were clear and I made sure to place them correctly as I had done in practice.

The letter I think I’m most proud of is the ‘Q’ as the solution to include a diagonal stroke was a satisfying one.