’50 Things’

This page features some research and feedback that I collected over the course of the ’50 Things’ project.


Since starting my ‘50 things’ project I noticed this A2 poster, appropriately entitled ‘The genius of Steve Jobs’. On one side, a series of wise quotes are featured but on the side I’ve photographed, a lovely timeline documenting the product line history of Apple; with and without Steve Jobs.The posters layout is very easy to follow, and uses the combination of images and text well. You can simply check out the visual progression of the products or with more time you can read into the added details of Jobs’ life. As my ‘50 things’ is leaning heavily towards the timeline style of layout, this piece of visual research was a notable find indeed.


Some (maybe, overly) kind feedback on my proposal for an idea of designing my ‘50 things’ as a timeline. Though the sketch is very quick and rough, it just about gets the idea across; though my lack of research is showing…The feedback suggests that I should consider the inclusion of colour, photography and illustration.

It also celebrates the choice of wide format, which is encouraging. But next I really need to do some visual research and learn some insight into information design theory. Back to the library…

Final design:

Probably slightly too wide format to read. See below for close-up images

This was a project I really thoroughly enjoyed. It was brilliant fun to dig up some of my oldest and fondest memories and then re-produce them in clean, type-based format was simply thrilling.