Computer Arts Brief

I responded to the Computer Arts brief, which was to create a ‘New Talent’ cover. I employed the 2d version of my 3d type cube typeface in an attempt to represent the abundance of idiosyncratic students all fighting for the spotlight.

The idea being then that the ‘New Talent’ was revealed through glow in the dark ink. Below was the copy attached to my submission.

For this cover, I used a font I created which, in its 2-dimensional form showcases an enigmatic style of letter designs. This font exists as a 3-dimensional object. So, each of the letters have been specifically shaped to fit into a cube.

“I wanted to represent the collective body of arts students and all the creative, idiosyncratic individuals that exist within it through the use of this bespoke type. Each of the letters is pining for the spotlight, but what makes the ‘New Talent’ stand out is that little something extra. In this case that’s a glow in the dark finish. The interaction between the cover and the user see’s the unveiling of the ‘New Talent’ via a physical means, which allows for the reader to feel as though they have discovered the new talent in that very moment.”*

This idea is not strictly bound to the glow in the dark finish, I developed it with fluidity in mind. The design could of course be altered to work with other printing techniques. For example, gold embossing on ‘New Talent’.

My name’s Ash Kayser and I’m currently an MA Graphic Arts student at UWE Bristol.


*The quoted paragraph is my 100 word statement.

Needless to say, I was not victorious. Still. Fun to play around with the type-cube-face in a new context.