Axis Sessions Exhibition

In an appropriate ending to the semester (almost), I was invited to exhibit my work in the very first Axis Sessions. It was a hoot and really nice to see my hard work presented in a professional context, and cool to chat to people about it. Huge vibe!

Here are some snaps. I was expecting to be able to nail prints into the wall, but it was tough concrete and was limited to hanging just a few. This forced me to think very carefully about which bunch I wanted to display.

I originally set it up like this. But it was suggested I get a lamp to show the embossment from distance. Though I kind of liked that from range, it looked like a blank sheet. Forcing people to walk closer to find out what it was…

Closer up. It looks delicious.

And at last, all three (and me).

Its been an enjoyable project and I love the tapas style of type work I’ve ended up with. Can’t wait to keep working on it. I’ve got lots of ideas!