3D Development (Rhino 6)

Learning the software:

Moving on from using SketchUp I jumped into Rhino 6, to get the letters prepared from 3d printing. It’s a much more difficult bit of kit to use. I spent a while watching (and trying to find) some good tutorials explaining how to use it…

Started with this series on YouTube. Fucking so slow though, wasn’t really a great all-round introduction to the program.

I watched them all anyway and learnt how to create a shape and extrude it (not sure I’m doing it the quickest way)…

Found this one on Vimeo, seems ight. Just so long, so need a bit more time to watch it.

Feeling a little stuck, I emailed George.

Explaining that all the tuts I was watching focused primarily on curved shapes (I only really need info on straight edges). He suggested this tutorial through the Rhino 6 website which was actually suggested by Andy (I noted it in this post: https://www.aalvkdotcom.com/post/3d-printing-consultation but had forgotten about it), seems handy.

He also suggested watching this video, even though its a little dated…


Hopefully these two can help more.


Suggestion from a classmate (BASDA):

Attempting to apply the knowledge:

The suggestion was to try importing straight from SketchUp. Kind of worked (with thanks to a web link [top], the only problem is I don’t fully know if the shapes are the right size as SketchUp seemed a bit inaccurate when building. So I might import all the shapes into Rhino and just add to them if I need to?


I moved onto trying these Linda (LinkedIn Learning) tutorials. They just seemed a bit general. As all I really need to know is how to extend certain parts of an object (excuse the incorrect terminology)…

Sourced a couple more tutorials. The image to the right shows are far I got. Though to be fair, they did mostly just introduce the interface.

Once more, didn’t get too far with this one.

I went back to exporting my SketchUp designs into Rhino 6 and with the help of a good tutorial, managed to ‘insert’ all of the letters into a document. This time, they weren’t red (see above for the ‘K’ test) – which I think is a good thing???

The tutorial which helped the transition

See below; the letters, now inside Rhino. I’m going to assemble them and see if they all interlock perfectly. Then all I need to do is build some interlocking cylinders to join the layers together.

I also saw this on another tutorial I watched! Boom! Engraving! I am ABSOLUTELY engraving the side of the Type Cube. Not sure what to say though…


Annoyingly, I couldn’t seem to ungroup the letters when imported.

So I tried inserting them as separate SketchUp files. But as soon as I joined the ‘A’ and ‘P’ I saw gaps and overlaps appear. So I think I really need to create the letters again inside Rhino [see below].