3D Design Dev. Consultation

Meeting w/ George:

I met up with this guy George, who runs the After Effects and Premiere Pro workshops for the MA Graphic Arts first years.

I requested support for producing 3D designs ready for interactive use on the web. He suggested:

  1. Developing the designs inside Cinema 4D first of all (to correctly visualise how all the shapes will appear).

  2. Then using the knowledge gained from using C4D, build (or export) into Maya.

  3. And then export this file into Unity (which will allow for the interaction on the web).

  4. Finally, run MAMP? Can’t actually remember what this was.

He also importantly, pointed out that I should test creating a letter combination at each stage, just to see how it goes (as practice). So as not be dwarfed but the huge task of creating it all at once.

It (as mentioned in my other 3D Printing Consultation) is a big task, with several steep learning curves, but I’m simply interested in how far interactions with 3D type can be pushed, physically and digitally.